Aerial Yoga Teacher Training 

Houston, TX


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Trainees must have taken 10 aerial yoga classes within one month prior to aerial yoga teacher training. 

60 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga Houston is proud to announce its Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program. Want to infuse more fun and flight into your life? Now’s your chance — register today and get your Aerial Yoga career off the ground!   TRAINEES RECEIVE:

  • a thorough understanding of Aerial Yoga safety, alignment, embodied anatomy, modifications, hands-on assists, transitions and more — everything you need to safely guide students through beginning Aerial Yoga classes
  • one AERIAL YOGA HOUSTON manual, a complete and comprehensive resource of Aerial Yoga poses adapted from classical yoga and modern aerial acrobatics
  • additional handouts for SELF-REFLECTION and CLASS OBSERVATION
  • access to an online photo library breaking down basic & advanced Aerial Yoga acrobatics; as well as sample sequences to inspire the budding Aerial Yoga teacher.
  • a Certificate of Completion from Aerial Yoga Houston Teacher Training
  • free aerial yoga classes while in training

ELIGIBILITY FOR APPLICATION Applicants must have a 200 hour yoga instructor certification (RYT), Personal Training certification (CPT), Massage Therapist  certification (RMT), or Physical Therapist certification (PT). Applicants must have completed a minimum of 10 aerial yoga classes at Aerial Yoga Houston one month prior to the teacher training program start date. Applicants must be prepared to complete 10 co-teaching, 10 contact hours at Aerial Yoga Houston within 6 months of the teacher training intensive. Please fill out the application, send it via email to If you are accepted you will be contacted via email or phone, then make your tuition deposit or payment. Fill out your application here: AYH-Teacher-Training-registration-form


  • Attendance of all 40 immersion hours of training
  • 10 co-teaching hours (teaching a public class with students/co-teachers)
  • 10 contact hours (teaching a private or public class alone with a designated observer)
  • Adequate demonstration of knowledge in all areas of Aerial Yoga
  • Pass a completion exam


STRENGTHEN Rediscover the foundations of yoga with the aid of a truly versatile prop. Learn to use the aerial hammock at a lower height to break down classic asana alignment. Create a safe, sacred space where students of all levels can refine their core/back connection.

STRETCH Structure and sequence your Aerial Yoga class in a way that supports a strong core connection that supports safe stretching. Guide participants through deeper stretches than they may be able to accomplish in their normal mat practice. There are no ‘set sequences’ or hard and fast rules in an Aerial Yoga Houston class — we provide the tools and trust you to develop your own style based on your experience and intuition.

FLY Swing, soar, flip and fly! Teach students to (safely) flirt with the thrills of inverted asanas. As a burgeoning teacher, you’ll begin to fully embody basic to intermediate aerial hammock skills, taking away a thorough understanding of how to translate their intricacies to students from all walks of life.

Additional Modules Include

The Aerial Hammock How to properly rig, adjust and care for your hammock and all its components. Common hammock heights, fabric placements, Aerial Yoga terminology and general guidelines for moving with your fabric.

Principles of Aerial Yoga Pose grouping, benefits of poses, learn the cornerstones that Aerial Yoga Houston is built on to safe movement.

Aerial Yoga Safety, Benefits and Contraindications Understand why certain conditions mean some students are better off staying grounded.

Transitions Aerial Yoga class formats, structure and sequencing. How to teach complete newcomers to Aerial Yoga; how to teach specialty populations; how to challenge your students without scaring them away.

Tuition for the 60-hour program is $1200. $600 deposit required within 7 days before start date. Remaining balance due before first day.