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Jan.-Sept. 2016 we will be focusing on the 8 limbs of yoga

3fffae47-41f1-4434-88df-b2f6ce8b8d66June’s focus is on Dhyana

Devotion through meditation and the using of meditation to be lifted from the cloud of illusions in our mind.

Dhyana is used to achieve Samadhi and self-knowledge through Durana, which we will investigate next month!


NEW CLASS! Friday 10:30 a.m. in KATY!

This is kind of a big deal because we have received feedback that you, the students, would like more classes in Katy! Keep an eye on the schedule for special classes and workshops in Katy this summer! Check the class schedule on MindBody to see what level the class will be! It will change as we grow our community.


$5 FLASH Class$5 student teacher alice cooper PROMOwe are so social

Quick Info to register for class!

Please create a new username and password on the Aerial Yoga Houston MindBody system to register for class. You will also be prompted to sign a liability waiver. This is required prior to taking your first class. All registration is done online. Even if you have a MindBody account with another studio, you need to create a username/password for Aerial Yoga Houston and sign the waiver.

We recommend 5-7 Basics classes before you attempt a Level 2 class. You do not need a yoga mat at the Heights location. You DO need a mat at the KATY location. Please wear a shirt that covers your arm pits (short or long sleeved) and fitted pants. If you register for a Leveled Up! class and have not taken Basics prior you will not be allowed to participate, the class will be debited from your account.

Groupon Deal Redemption

After creating a username and password, select your class day and time, register. When you get to the payment screen select your deal type purchased, insert your the AYH promo code found on your actual voucher. (the promo code is different than your voucher number, starts with “AYH”) Bring your voucher to class (phone image is fine) to redeem.


Karma Yogi NeededSEW BadlyKarma yogi needed SEW badly!

Sewing snags in silks! 2 hammocks in need of repair right now!

Did you know it costs $20 (per snag!) to mend a silk gauged by earrings, rings, cartridge jewelry, long pointy nails, hair accessories, necklaces? 

Please remove ALL jewelry before you enter your hammock, my friend!

     Ideally you bring your sewing machine to the studio, we identify all runs in any silks, mend them on site, you leave or stay for class! This karma yogi role requires 1 hour every two weeks. You are asked to commit to 6 months of sewing karma yogi stewardship. In return you will receive a 5 class pass every month. They will not expire, you may gift them to other people. 
Please email info@aerialyogahouston.com 
your availability of day and time that you could commit to the role on a monthly basis. Nicole will assist you initially in the process of identifying repairs, labeling, how to mend, processing silks. Eventually, you will be able to perform the task alone and likely more quickly.