This pack contains 1 aerial yoga silk hammock (approximately 5 yards) in black, 2 steel carabiners and 2 daisy chains. All components of this set are professionally strength tested for up to 400lbs. This means that each carabiner, daisy chain and silk can handle a maximum of 400lbs when anchored or rigged properly.

silks sold here high res

Our hammocks are specially designed for aerial yoga. They are shorter and wider than normal aerial silks, measuring 6m x 2.8m. Yoga hammocks are used to support your body weight allowing you to achieve deep stretches and other yoga postures in a more relaxing way with a reduced chance of injury. Aerial yoga hammocks also help to develop core strength and to decompress the spine.

Daisy chains are approximately 140cm long (approx 4 ft) straps with 2-inch long pockets with double bar tacks between each pocket for extra strength, exactly like you would use to climb rocks. Each daisy chain has a strength capacity of 16 kN (3597 lb) and weighs 3.5oz (98g). Daisy chains are used to adjust the height of your hammock.

The steel carabiners supply superior strength, excellent rust & corrosion resistance. Each features a quick connect/dis-connect of ropes, chains, straps, a push gate in to open – auto-close spring gate with interlock tooth that prevents a force open.

Recommendations can be made for rigging, referrals to riggers can also be provided. Please email with your receipt, shipping address or preferred time and date to pick up.
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